• Why Choose Welded Wire Over Woven for Your Security Fencing?

    If you need to secure an area against trespassers without going through the expense of installing solid fencing, wire is the perfect option. It's easy to install and repair, doesn't cost the Earth, and is readily available. Of course, there isn't only one type of fencing wire; in general, you'll be choosing between welded and woven. Here's how each one works: Welded: Wires are laid out in a latticework with square or rectangular holes between them. [Read More]

  • Two Primary Concerns When Installing a Kid-Safe Fence

    While fence installation is one of the essential additions you could include on your property, some homeowners do not pay much attention to how functional their fencing will be. For these individuals, as long as the fence demarcates their boundaries, then it is doing its job. However, this is not the only function of your fencing. Various considerations have to be borne in mind to ensure that the fence provides you with privacy while simultaneously boosting the kerb appeal of your residence. [Read More]

  • How to Add Security to Your Home's Fencing

    Your home's fencing will provide a marker as to the boundaries between you and your neighbours, but this doesn't necessarily mean that all fences provide security for your property as well. Smaller fences that are easy to climb or that don't allow privacy in a yard may not do much to keep intruders off your property, or to help secure the home's pool area. Note a few tips on how to add security to your home's fencing when choosing a fence material and style, and for a fence that's already installed. [Read More]