How to Add Security to Your Home's Fencing

Posted on: 3 January 2018

Your home's fencing will provide a marker as to the boundaries between you and your neighbours, but this doesn't necessarily mean that all fences provide security for your property as well. Smaller fences that are easy to climb or that don't allow privacy in a yard may not do much to keep intruders off your property, or to help secure the home's pool area. Note a few tips on how to add security to your home's fencing when choosing a fence material and style, and for a fence that's already installed.

Fence panels

Panel fences have the advantage of not providing any toeholds for someone to climb. This makes glass, wood, and vinyl fence panels very secure. However, solid panels can cut off air circulation around the yard and make the space seem a bit closed-in. Mesh fencing with very small mesh can also eliminate a potential toehold and not provide any space for someone to grasp the fence material, while allowing for fresh air and more light into the space, and less of a claustrophobic look.

Top of fence

If you want metal bars for a fence, opt for pointed finials at the top. This can make it very difficult for someone to scale the fence without getting cut and scratched!

If you choose a hurricane or mesh fence, note how the top of the fence is fabricated; knuckles are links or mesh that is folded down, but barbs are cut pieces of the metal that are twisted and which are then very sharp. Some varieties of mesh fence will also be made with horizontal and vertical metal pieces, with the tops of the vertical pieces simply left exposed. These fence styles can also make it difficult for someone to scale the fence.

Secure features around the fence

Once you've decided on a fence choice, you might add some other features that can provide even more security. This can include prickly shrubs in front of the fence, or rocks that create a crunching sound when walked on; this sound can work to alert you of anyone who may have climbed the fence. It can also be good to add lighting to far areas of your yard, as intruders may prefer to climb fences where they are out of sight, so neighbours or homeowners don't alert police to their presence. Solar lighting can be added to corners of security fencing, so you don't need to worry about electrical connections or batteries, or about turning the lights on and off throughout the day.