Two Primary Concerns When Installing a Kid-Safe Fence

Posted on: 29 May 2018

While fence installation is one of the essential additions you could include on your property, some homeowners do not pay much attention to how functional their fencing will be. For these individuals, as long as the fence demarcates their boundaries, then it is doing its job. However, this is not the only function of your fencing. Various considerations have to be borne in mind to ensure that the fence provides you with privacy while simultaneously boosting the kerb appeal of your residence. And if you have children, meticulous thought has to go into your fencing options so that you can be guaranteed your children are safe whenever they are playing outdoors. So what are the two primary concerns to have when installing a kid-safe fence?

Prioritise childproof locks

If you are thinking of installing a simple latch on your fence that you can secure with a padlock, you should think twice about this decision. It is easy to forget to lock your fence, irrespective if you are on site or not, and this presents the opportunity for curious children to let themselves out of the gate. This lapse in security will not only pose the risk of them getting lost, but they could also be run over by a vehicle if they wander onto the street. Instead of choosing a standard latch, it is best to gravitate toward the childproof varieties. These locks come with unique mechanisms to ensure that even when the fence is not secured young children will not be capable of fumbling with the lock and accidentally opening the gate.

Favour closed fencing panels

Open panel fencing may be an appealing aesthetic for your property, but if you have children, this design can prove to be a significant security and safety risk. Adventurous children could easily squeeze through the gaps in the fencing and escape from the residence. On the other hand, some inquisitive kids may stick their heads through the fencing, especially if a noise outside has caught their attention. It is best to select closed panels that do not leave any openings for your children to take advantage of if you want to prevent having to go through this frightening ordeal. Furthermore, you should make sure that the fencing is installed into the ground rather than having a gap beneath it, as this space will negate the safety of the closed fence panels altogether. As a bonus consideration, lean toward splinter-free fencing supplies to avoid undue injuries when the kids run their fingers on the barrier.

For more information or assistance, contact a local fencing contractor.