Some Pointers About Glass Pool Fences

Posted on: 2 May 2023

Glass fences are great for a pool area as they separate it from the rest of the backyard, and you can customise them in different ways. Here are some pointers about these barriers.


Glass pool fences are compliant with safety codes, so you can know that the environment will be safe. The smooth glass doesn't have footholds that let children climb over it. Plus, these fences are high and don't have gaps or holes in the structure, which are other requirements of pool fences. A fencing services company will know the rules and regulations about the specific height necessary to be compliant. They'll also be familiar with the details of installing a self-latching gate so small children can't open it outside the pool area. The glass panels consist of tempered safety glass that is ultra-strong.

Framing Options

While these pool fences can look similar in that they mainly consist of glass, they offer a range of framing options. You can choose a framed design with slim metal posts to connect the glass panels. The other option is a frameless style. The glass panels are held with brackets at the bottom instead of posts at the sides. Because of this structure, the glass looks continuous and seamless. A frameless design is the best option if you want the pool fence to be unnoticeable.

Different Kinds of Glass

Though these barriers are usually built with transparent glass, they can also consist of decorative glass panels. For example, you could use frosted glass, which scatters the light rays and softens direct sunlight. Frosted sheets aren't as shiny and reflective as transparent glass, so you can enjoy a muted feel around the pool.

Another decorative choice is tinted glass in bronze, grey, or blue. You can customise the tints to be subtle or bold and blend them with the setting. For example, if you have a rock wall covered in tans, greys, golds, and browns, you could tint the glass a similar shade. Alternatively, repeat the colour of the blue water in the fencing.

Different Surfaces

Glass pool fences can be built on different kinds of ground, so they suit diverse backyards. They can be constructed on soil, pavers, or concrete. Typically, the posts or brackets are fixed into concrete footings set into the ground. How this is specifically done will depend on the layout of your yard and the design and materials you've chosen for the decking. The fence builders can adjust the process depending on the surface they have to work with.

For more information, contact a local company that offers fencing services.