Benefits of an Aluminium Slat Front Fence

Posted on: 20 September 2021

The front fence of a house outlines the property boundary. Some fence styles are more open, while others create a more secluded home. This barrier also impacts the kerb view. One type to consider is an aluminium slat barrier, the benefits of which are explained here.


These fences offer different levels of privacy. They're made from horizontal slats of varying widths that can be spaced in different ways. A fence might, for example, consist of wide slats which are closely set to form an almost total visual block to the street. Other barriers use narrower slats with large gaps for an airy fence. You can choose the best structure for your home, depending on your needs and preferences. Would you prefer a secluded or more open front garden?


Aluminium slat fences as a whole are relatively sleek. They're not chunky like brick or cement render barriers or as heavy as some timber designs. Because of this, you can install high slat fences without them overwhelming the garden. You can also use slats to lighten a fence design constructed with brick or cement pillars. The slats can bridge the gap between each post. The contrast between the slimline metal and chunky pillars adds visual interest.


Once you install the front fence, you probably don't want to spend much time and money on maintenance. The benefit of aluminium fences is that they generally look after themselves, requiring barely any upkeep. Aluminium naturally repels rust. Plus, the aluminium slats are powder coated with a baked-on paint layer. This further covers the metal with a hard and chip-resistant finish. You may have to wash the fence with a garden hose occasionally to remove debris. But you won't have to bother with periodic re-painting or finishing.

Colour Choices

These barriers also provide plenty of colour options. You can install a neutral beige or grey or opt for a bright blue tone. Examine the overall colours of the landscape when choosing the fence. You could repeat the roof or exterior wall colour. If you want to make the most of lush green foliage, choose a contrasting colour to bring out its richness. For example, consider charcoal, deep blue, or dark brown.

Thus, aluminium slat fencing offers various benefits. You can either create a more secluded or open front garden. Because of their sleek design, they won't overwhelm the yard like a chunky structure may. The slats come in a wide array of colours. Plus, they're durable and don't require much upkeep.