The Advantages of Steel Fencing

Posted on: 5 May 2021

There are lots of different styles of fencing that you could opt for around your property. One of the most popular in Australia today is wooden panel fencing because it is relatively inexpensive and looks good in domestic settings. Another low-cost option is chain-link fencing which is perfectly functional even though it doesn't afford a great deal of privacy since it can be seen through. On the other hand, steel fencing is often a bit more expensive which puts some people off. Nevertheless, high-quality steel fences, such as those made from the Colorbond fencing system, provide numerous advantages. What are they and why should you consider them?


To begin with, Colorbond fencing, and other types of steel fence construction systems, will look great wherever they are fitted. Whether you are fencing off your business to prevent intruders from accessing a storage yard or using it to mark off the boundary of your home's garden, modern steel fencing will not look out of place. Today's designs look attractive as well as being highly functional. Uneven ground can easily be fenced off using it. Indeed, with hard-wearing custom gates, for example, you can even make use of steel fencing for driveways where you will want a constant level of vehicular access in and out of your property.

Longevity and Cost-Effectiveness

Although steel fencing and fence posts are more expensive than other options, you need to take into account the full life cycle of the products you choose to fit. In the case of steel fencing, you can expect a much longer life than you could with wooden fences, for example. What's more, you won't need to treat steel with preservatives every few years as you do with wooden fence panels. This means that the initial costs may be more for steel fences but you tend to recoup the initial investment due to their superior longevity.

Fire Retardation and Security

Keeping fire at bay is a big issue nowadays. Bushfires can cause lots of damage but Colorbond fencing, among other steel fencing products, will help to prevent them from spreading onto your land. This is because they stop wind whipping through, unlike chain-link fences. Furthermore, they don't burn when embers fall onto them as wooden fence do. It is because of this tough material construction that steel fences are so useful for keeping people off your property as well as fire. Simply put, they are virtually impenetrable and a much better option if a high level of security needs to be maintained.