Two pieces of advice for those who need to have boom gates fitted on their commercial properties

Posted on: 7 October 2019

If you're in need of a boom gate for your commercial property, you should heed the advice offered here.

Cut down any branches that are hanging above the spot where the boom will be.

Before you let the fence contractor get to work, the branches that are hanging above the spot where the gate's boom will be should be cut down. If you do not do this, the boom might get tangled in them when it moves upward. This could lead to your employees having to use a ladder to reach the elevated boom and untangle it from the branches. Having to do this regularly would be a waste of your employees' time and might put them in danger (as they could fall whilst trying to simultaneously detangle the boom and maintain their balance). It could also lead to traffic jams occurring.

Additionally, the birds that sit on these branches could excrete droppings that might land on the boom. These droppings could disgust your clients who drive through the boom gate, and they could create yet another extra task for your employees, who would have to clean up these droppings.

Ask your fence contractor to install a manual release button in the boom gate's control panel.

Not all boom gates come with a manual release button. However, you should ask the fence contractor if they can fit one in the control panel of the new gate. The reason for this is that if the electrics on the control panel ever get damaged (by someone driving into the panel, for example) and there is no manual release feature, you won't be able to raise the boom and allow any motorists to exit or enter your premises.

This could cause problems if this is the only way for vehicles to get into or out of your commercial property. It might, for example, lead to those who want to exit the premises having to leave their vehicles behind, and the people who are trying to enter having to find parking spots on nearby public streets. This could leave these people feeling very irritated with your enterprise.

Furthermore, if you plan to use the gate as a means of ensuring that visitors pay their parking fees and the boom gets stuck in a raised position, a lot of car owners might leave without paying. However, by having a manual release button fitted, you can prevent both of these problems from occurring.

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