Why Put Temporary Fencing Around Your Family Pool Site?

Posted on: 19 February 2019

If you've decided to do most of the work on building your own pool, then you need to take responsibility for the safety of the site. The pool may be on your property, but you need to protect your family, pets and any tradies you hire for expert jobs like plumbing. Temporary fencing is pretty essential here, especially if you have children and pets. Why do you need it?

Fencing During the Pool Build

If you're building an underground pool, then you'll quickly end up with a pretty big hole in your garden. You should aim to keep out anyone who shouldn't be working in the area. For example, you don't want your kids or pets to fall into the pool hole. They may break something or get injured. You also don't want their help. An over-enthusiastic small child could try to start digging where they shouldn't or even fill the hole back in for you.

Plus, you may have some pretty heavy-duty machinery and equipment on the site. Your children shouldn't be able to access these items, even if you are there to supervise them. They aren't toys, and your children should be kept away from them. If you erect temporary fencing around the pool build, then you can keep your kids and dogs away from the area. You can put anything that is potentially dangerous behind the fences and lock it away.

Fencing at the End of the Build

Once you have the main part of your pool finished, you may have a wait until you can make all the finishing touches. For example, if you've had to order pool fencing, then this may not arrive as quickly as you need it. At this stage of the build, your pool becomes more dangerous. For example, if it is fully tiled, but you're waiting for the fencing to arrive, then you usually aren't allowed to fill the pool. Most towns require permanent fencing before you put water in a swimming pool.

It's vital to keep your kids away at this stage. They may be tempted to turn on the water so they can have a sneaky dip. Or, if they fall into a completed pool that is tiled, they could get a serious injury. Falling on to a hard surface is more damaging than falling onto excavated ground.

So, make ordering temporary fencing a priority before you start your pool build. Local fence contractors can show you types of fences and explain how to create a secure perimeter. For more information, contact a company like Online Fence Supplies.