Why Choose A Custom-Made Gate?

Posted on: 19 February 2019

Gates are a barrier used to cover and block the entrances in walls or fences. But it cannot be just that. Gates come in various materials and styles, the most common being metal. This not only gives the opportunity to have a variety of colours but also of shapes. Even though there are so many options, a lot of people choose to go with custom gates, because other than a statement, it is an art form. Custom gates can be manufactured to take different shapes, creating beautiful motifs, such as landscapes, symbols or simple flower patterns. Here are some of the requirements a custom gate maker can fulfil for you: 

The Size Of Custom Gates

Regular gates come in different sizes, but you might not be able to find one that fits your entrance. This is where you know that you need to make a custom gate. A custom gate maker will take the measurements for you and apply them to a metal or wood profile and from there construct the entire gate. He or she can adjust the gate not only to the measurements but also to the shape of the wall it needs to be fitted into.

The Style Of Custom Gates

Custom gates are not only about the style you prefer, but it is also about personalising one of the elements of your home. You can choose to have a gate that has the initials of your family name, of your company or you can choose to go with symmetry and build orthogonal motifs. You can also go all out and choose a fairy-tale kind of gate. This is the beauty of custom gates; the possibilities are endless.

The Colour Of Custom Gates

There are a lot of options here also. For metal, it is very easy to customise and personalise the gate; you can go for black, white, metallic or even pink. Things are a little different if you go with wood. You can typically choose to also paint the wood in the colour that you like, but if you want to go for a natural wood look, the finishes are limited to the kind of wood you are choosing for your gate. You can also combine wood and metal for a more industrial and crisper look.

How Are Custom Gates Made?

After all the measurements are taken and you have chosen what you would like to go with, all that is remaining is left to the gate maker. He or she will apply all the wood and metal working techniques to finish the gate and put it into place. Usually, gate making duration depends on the chosen style, material and design.