How to Add Unique Style to Your Property's Fence

Posted on: 27 June 2017

Your home's fence may need to add security and help to mark off property lines, but this doesn't mean it needs to be drab and dull and downright boring. That fence serves as a backdrop for your property, so it should have some style and visual interest, no matter its overall material. Consider a few ways to add unique style to your property's fence so you can have one that works well for your property and that you'll actually love looking at while relaxing outdoors.

Elevate the panels

A fence made of wood or metal panels can be a great choice for your property, but can also look a bit drab and just like every other fence on the block. A way to make it look unique is to use smaller panels and elevate them off the ground. Opt for smaller panels so they don't overwhelm the space and then install them on the posts with some clearance below them. This will ensure the property doesn't feel closed-in and claustrophobic, and will offer privacy but with a unique look and appearance.

Stagger panels

Another way to use panels in a unique way is to stagger their placement. Most panel fences have all the sections connected, so that the fence is one solid piece. However, if you're not limited to your fence design by a homeowner's association or neighbourhood association, have separate panels installed directly into the ground at various points along the property. Leave a few feet or meters between those panels, for more light and air and to keep the fence from completely closing in the space. This is also a good idea if your property has lots of hills and valleys; add panels along the valleys while keeping the hilly areas unfenced, to preserve the natural look of the property.


A large wood fence can be good for privacy and sound insulation, but the colour may seem dull and unattractive. Leave the outside of the fence somewhat neutral in colour so that your neighbours are not put off by its appearance, but consider your own favourite colours and use these for the inside of a wood fence. You might start with a neutral white and then add a strong, bold stripe of blue or red running horizontally along the fence, or paint your favourite inspirational sayings on the fence, just as you might do on the walls at home. You can even stagger paint colours to create a boxy look for the fence, and keep it from seeming dull and drab.