Does Your Home's Balcony Seem Crowded and Cluttered?

Posted on: 26 April 2017

The balcony attached to your apartment or condominium should be a welcoming oasis which you can use for relaxation, entertaining, or even as a place to work on the computer. However, if your balcony is crowded and cluttered, you may avoid that space altogether and feel anything but relaxed when you're outside. Note a few tips for adding style to a balcony without actually cluttering up the space, and for making it an outdoor area you really love.

Choose one colour scheme

One sure way to make any space look cluttered and crowded is to use several different colours for furniture, artwork, and accessories; while you may want to brighten a space with lots of colour, once those colours begin to clash or compete for your attention, the space is anything but welcoming! You might opt for one bold colour if you prefer, such as red or cobalt blue, or choose a soothing green tone. Use that colour alone for outdoor planters, cushions on furniture, and any floor paint or colouring.

Tone down the plants

Adding greenery is a good way to make a space seem welcoming, but if you treat your balcony like a nursery, it can seem very cluttered and downright overrun. Choose one large plant for a drab corner and one for setting on a side table, and remove all the other plants and pots from the space. Having no more than those few plants outside will open the area while still adding that touch of greenery you want.

Tone down the furniture

Invest in comfortable furniture for your balcony, but be sure it's a size that fits the space easily. Oversized loungers can make the space feel cramped and crowded and not relaxing in the least. If you prefer chairs or loungers that are longer and larger, invest in folding pieces that you can tuck out of the way when not in use. Folding tables are also a good choice; you can set them out of the way when they're not needed but then open them when you want to use your computer or bring your dinner outside with you!

Change the railing

A solid wood railing or one with metal bars can seem very crowded and easily block your view of the surrounding landscape. Opt for a glass panel for the balustrades instead; this can allow you a clear view of the horizon while allowing for more light and for a more open and uncluttered feeling in the space.