Sliding Gates: Why Automated Gates Would Be a Great Investment

Posted on: 23 February 2017

When it comes to gate installation, some homeowners tend to overlook the various designs and capabilities available to them as they assume their gates are simply functional for letting them in and out of their home. Granted, this is the main purpose of your gates; however, this is not the only functionality that they can provide you with.

The style of gates that you choose can provide you with additional benefits, which can make your premises secure as well as make your life easier. One solution that can do this for you is automated sliding gates. Below are some of the reasons why automated gates would be a great investment for your home.

Sliding gates make entry into your home convenient

A major benefit of choosing automated sliding gates is they are one of the most user-friendly types of gates. Firstly, you can install sensors beneath your driveway that will signal the gates as you drive up, which saves you the trouble of having to get out of your vehicle and manually open the gates. Once you drive in, the sensors then signal the gates to automatically shut. This also saves you from the inconvenience of having to brave inclement weather conditions again by having to physically close the gates after you drive through. Overall, automatic sliding gates are much easier to operate when compared to the alternatives.

Sliding gates make your home safer

The second major benefit of opting for automatic sliding gates is that they enhance the overall security of your residence. With automatic gates, you have the freedom of programming the number of people that you will allow entry into your home. Alternatively, you can also limit access to the remote to specific people in your household. This ensures that there will not be any unauthorised persons gaining entry into your home. Another option you could consider with your sliding gates is installing cameras and communication system right at the gate. This gives you the ability to screen any visitors that come to your residence and enable you to choose who you grant access into your home.

Sliding gates save on space

The third benefit of choosing automatic sliding gates is they are big space savers. Generally, automatic sliding gates will open by sliding sideways rather than protruding outward or inward. This is great for homeowners whose home may be located right on the street and thus will not have much leeway for swinging gates.