Ways You Can Customise Your Tubular Metal Fencing

Posted on: 11 August 2020

When installing tubular metal fencing, you'll have many options and variations to draw from to create a personalised barrier. Consider the following ways to customise your railings. 


A tubular metal fence can be virtually any colour you wish. While customary hues include black, green, and cream, your fence can be powder-coated in boundless colours. This process involves shaking a powder mix of pigment and polyester across an object, which is then baked, whereupon the particles melt and fuse with the metal.

Black fences — suitable for homes and businesses — impart an elegant feel and are easy to see through, while green railings blend with landscapes of foliage and plants in a garden setting. There's no need to stick with such standard hues though — you could go with a bright yellow, red or blue barrier. Which shade is best depends on the overall environment. For a home, regard the colour of the roof, wall cladding, trim, gutters and garage door for inspiration.


Whether you're devising security for a private front yard, a nursery business or a dentist, you'll be able to customise the railings to create an optimal barrier. You can tailor the fence height. Lower fences typically surround homes, while higher walls safeguard schools and businesses. You can also adapt the tubular fencing to comply with safety regulations for pools.

An extra security bonus of these structures is that they don't cut off visibility. This protects your property as anyone can thus observe if trespassers infiltrate — and then call the police. The criminals aren't shielded by privacy. A clear outlook is also crucial in pool fencing as it allows those outside the area, in other parts of a garden, for instance, to see if anyone is in peril in the water. 


An integral component of your tubular fence is the decorative options you adopt. The railings can end in pointy spear shapes, which deter scaling the barricade. The spear-tops can form an even row, an arch, or they can create a series of high and low spindles. Other options consist of loops along the fence top or loops that alternate with a spear-tip. Alternatively, different metalwork shapes can feature along the upper fence: a series of rings, diamonds or crosses, for example.

If your prime interest is with security, you might be best served with a spearhead version. Otherwise, scrutinise the surrounding facade and landscape when matching the design. You could always go for a simple flat top with little embellishment. Regardless of the particular decoration of a tubular fence, they all evoke a timeless feeling.

Thus, tubular metal fences are highly customisable. You can adapt and fine-tune virtually every aspect: its height, the particular railing configuration and also its hue. Thus, you can interweave these fences with many landscapes: homes, businesses and parks, among other places.

For more information about tubular fencing, contact a fencing contractor in your area.